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Lone Star Maritime provides worldwide survey services for marine projects, including vessel condition surveys, suitability studies, cargo loading and securing, and on-hire/off-hire surveys. Some of the services offered in this field are:
· Condition survey of ships, barges, cranes etc
· Marine Warranty Surveys for transports
· Trip & tow surveys
· Site survey for planned loading and offloading operations
· On- and off-hire surveys of cargo barges
· Construction surveys of new building barge
· Vessel Condition
· Fit-For-Purpose
· Damage
· Cargo Loading/Securing/Off-Loading

Marine Planning and Design

We are specialized in marine "heavy" transportation planning and design. This includes but is not limited to specialized marine, offshore and project management. We also offer consultancy and project guidance for all these disciplines. Some of the services offered in this field are:
· Marine transportation feasibility studies
· Preparation of complete Transportation Manuals, including documentation of:
     o Vessel / barge suitability study
     o Stowage arrangements
     o Deck strength calculations and verification
     o Stability calculations
     o Motion response analysis
     o Ballasting calculations
     o Design environmental criteria
     o Design motion and acceleration calculations
     o Grillage, cribbng and load-spreading design
     o Seafastening design and detailing
     o Loading and offloading procedures
· Structural analyses of cargoes subjected to dynamic forces during transportation
· Specification of model testing and on-site assistance
· Feasibility studies
· Towage calculations

Project Management and Supervision

Lonestar Maritime provides experienced management personnel for marine projects. Through our in-house expertise we are able to offer a broad range of marine procedures and documentation covering aspects of offshore and inshore operations. These services can be supplied on behalf of the owner, or as a third-party interest. Some of the services offered in this field are:
· Operations manual development
· Marine super intendancy
· Load-out management
· Towage plans
· Seafastening installation and supervision
· Abnormal load movements by both road and sea
· Heavy lift procedures
· Risk assessments

CAD & 3D Modeling Services

Whether to supplement existing drafting capability or provide a new service, using in-house draftsmen, we are able to take a proposed design solution and quickly turn around detail sketches for bid submission or fabrication purposes. We are strong advocates of the process of electronic data exchange especially CAD output. This enables us to effect revisions to details and reissue promptly with no loss of quality. We can also import/export to various propriety and general formats such as AutoCAD dwg, dxf, iges etc. In addition to general 2D drafting, we have numerous 3D modeling capabilities. Using our dedicated software we can provide full 3D solid or surface models which can be used for presentation, clarification, structural analysis, GHS input etc.